Club 2022/2023 Programme

We have a fantastic line up of speakers this year.  Tracy, our new program secretary has been hard at work ensuring that we have a wide range of photographic genres covered, from food to wildlife, smartphones to printing, there is something to wet everyones appetite.

We would like to encourage members back to the hall on Wednesday evening.  The social integration between our members is very important, and this is something that is difficult to maintain over zoom meetings.  For people who are unable to attend the hall, we will be offering some evenings on zoom, and this will be made clear in the programme listing below. For these events, those who opt to come to the hall will watch the Zoom presentations on our big screen, while guests and those who choose to stay at home can watch on their computers.


The weekly admission fee will apply to everyone who attends a Wednesday meeting (Monday Mentoring Sessions are free), whether in the hall or at home. For meetings held on hall nights we will accept payment in cash at the door, although our preferred method of payment will be for weekly fees to be paid by bank transfer in blocks of a month (best done by setting up a monthly payment). The Treasurer will be able to tally your attendance (hall or via zoom) against your payments and will ensure that no one is out of pocket by the end of the season. All zoom meetings will have a link to Eventbrite.  This will enable members and guests to book and pay for zoom meetings online.


Visitors are very welcome to join us for some of our Zoom meetings - you will find an Eventbrite link on these meetings. The meeting cost is £4.50 on the door, £5.00 on Zoom. If you wish to join any other meeting night - this can be up to three times this season - please contact our Membership Secretary. Email:

2022/2023 Programme

Wednesday 7th Sept 2022 7:30pm - Welcome evening / cheese & wine.  Hall

Wednesday September 14th 2022 7:30pm - EJ Lazenby - Working with Textures - Answering all the what and how to questions. I go through sourcing and creating textures, how to use blend modes and 3 different methods of how to apply textures to an image.  Hall Zoom

Wednesday 21st Sept 2022 7:30pm - Battle of the Deeping's, social event & competition between Deeping's Camera Club & Deeping's & surrounding Area Facebook group. Judged by Peter Graham  Hall

Monday September 26th 2022 7:30pm - Mentoring Evening - Pete Atkinson will be going through the process of submitting images for competitions. 

Wednesday 28th Sept 2022 7:30pm - Fotospeed - Colour management - how to obtain consistent quality prints - Derek Doar.  Hall 

Wednesday 5th Oct 2022 7:30pm - Digital competition 1 - judged by Jane Kearney.  Hall & Zoom  Closing date for entries: 28th September

Wednesday Oct 12th 2022 7:30pm -  "Portraits with Impact" Covering posing, lighting, editing to more creative, conceptual  work and how to get published including examples of my own work for both Emma Finch Photography and Belle Privé Photography.- Emma Finch.  Hall & Zoom

Sunday Oct 16th 2022 1:00pm LPA final held at Nettleham Village Hall near Lincoln.

Wednesday October 19th 2022 7:30pm - Pet & Animal Photography - Steve Thewis.

In this talk, Steve will talk about the many experiences he had with various animals (From innocent chihuahuas to very deadly and venomous snakes) and how he managed to get the images. In the second part of his talk he will demonstrate some of his editing techniques inside Photoshop. Get your notepads ready.Hall, Zoom

Wednesday Oct 26th 2022 7:30pm - Print competition 1 - judged by Steve Mulvey.  Hall Closing date for entries: 19th October

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October 10:30am-4pm-  Deeping Camera Club annual print exhibition at Deepings Community  Centre.

Monday October 31st 2022 7:30pm - Mentoring Evening - Steve Coomes will take you through camera settings, helping you get the most out of your camera.

Wednesday November 2nd 2022 7:30pm - Wildlife - Simon Roy.  Hall & ZoomOften working close to home, I specialise in garden wildlife and the relationship between people and nature. My aim is to make original, inspiring, and thought-provoking images that raise awareness of the creatures we live beside.

Wednesday November 9th 2022 7:30pm - Members evening - Abstract competition - judged by Peter Downs - following his talk last year.  Hall Zoom

Monday November 14th 2022 7:30pm -  Pat Goode Memorial Shield, Wisbech Town Football Club.

Wednesday November 16th 2022 7:30pm - People, places and faces - This presentation will take you to inspiring journey around 5 continents in one evening. It is a medley of over 150 images, many of them award winning. It is a combination of different subjects, styles, and techniques. From people in their natural environment, sport, decisive moments and many more…. Lilliana Alani.  Hall Zoom

Wednesday 23rd November 2022 7:30pm - Digital competition 2 - judged by Dave Hipperson.  Hall Zoom
Closing date for entries November 16th

Monday 28th November 2022 7:30pm - Mentoring Monday. Pete Atkinson image critique session, helping you to increase your competition success. 

Wednesday 30th November 2022 7:30pm - Graham Currey who is going to give us a talk entitled Just shoot it, which covers portraiture, landscapes, wrestling and gigs. Graham is also a model and is one of the event organisers at Photography Session days.  Hall Zoom

Wednesday December 7th 2022 7:30pm - Travel Photography - Chris Upton.  A must see lecture for anyone who enjoys travel photography whether that be on a family holiday or a bespoke photographic trip. Featuring images from around the world and packed with hints & tips on technique, equipment and preparation this presentation will really help you to improve your travel photography.  Hall

Wednesday December 14th-  Christmas dinner.

Wednesday 4 January 2023 7:30pm-  Members evening - Sue Churchill talking about Patagonia.  Hall 

Wednesday 11th January 2023 7:30pm - James Mayer - From Cities to Suburbs, How to Do Street Photography Anywhere
James will be zooming in from New York.
 Hall Zoom

Wednesday 18th January 2023 7:30pm - Landscape - Bill Ward - "In Search of...", explains a bit about my background, and my acting career, before going on to discuss the photographs I take 

(all 3 are very closely related) and why I take them... it covers pretty much the full range of my 

work, so plenty of landscapes/seascapes etc.., and a bit of urban... The first half lasts just on an hour or so, and the second half 40 mins or so in which I cover "Creative Photography" (ie ICM and in camera Multiple Exposures), which I've been doing for a just under a decade... oh, and I'll show a lot of pictures!

Wednesday January 25th 2023 7:30pm - Black & white - Tony Lovell- Large format Black & white photography.  Hall

Monday January 30th 2023 7:30pm - Mentoring Monday TBC

Wednesday February 1st 2023 -  Print Competition 2- Judged by John Waler.  Hall. Entries in by January 25th.

Wednesday  February 8th 2023 7:30pm - An evening with… - Ady Kerry - covering RAF, commercial, sports and personal work.  Hall

Wednesday February 15th 7:30pm - 

Food photography - Donna Crous - her talk explains how she sets up and photographs food to create powerful, atmospheric photos using natural light and quite a few props. Her most recent achievement is that two of her images were shortlisted for the British Photography Awards 2021.  Hall Zoom

Wednesday February 22nd 2023 7:30pm -  James Mayer - From Cities to Suburbs, How to Do Street Photography Anywhere

James will be zooming in from New York.  Hall Zoom

Saturday February 25th 2023: St Ives Interprint battle takes place at The Free Church which is in the centre of St Ives.
There will be 20 clubs from the area taking part, each club submits 6 prints.
The prints are displayed in the Church as an exhibition for the public to view between 10am and 5pm free of charge.

AT 6pm there will be a slide show at the Church where the pdi copies of prints will be projected and the judge who will have viewed and scored the images during the day, will comment of the images and deliver his scores. There is an entry fee of £5 for the evening event.
Members can view 120 Prints from the top clubs in the area.

Wednesday March 1st 2023 7:30pm - Digital Competition 3- Judged by Dave Hipperson.  Hall Zoom  Entries in by 22nd February

Please see the link Below.  Payment of £5 should be made to Deepings Camera Club

Wednesday March 8th 2023 7:30pm -  Natasha J Bella presents ‘The Collaborative Approach’, an insightful talk about the importance of teamwork. Which Natasha knows is vital, whenever a photographer works with a model, in order to achieve the best results. Natasha’s own unique experience as a freelance and commercial model, and as a photographer and educator, makes her especially qualified to explain what it takes to create powerful, arresting, and award-winning images of models, from fashion, to fine art.  Hall

Monday March 13th 2023 7:30pm -  4 Way Battle, Deepings, Peterborough, March & Wisbech at Wisbech Conservative Club.

Wednesday March 15th 2023 7:30pm - Jo Watt memorial competition - judged by Pete Atkinson and Dave Stewart.  Hall  Entries in by 8th March 

Wednesday March 22nd 2023 7:30pm -  Members evening - 15 minutes of fame.  Come and tell us all about your photography passions.  Hall

Tuesday March 28th 2023 7:30pm -   Bill Dunn Creative Trophy. Peterborough Photographic Society.

Wednesday March 29th 2023 7:30pm - Panels competition.  Hall

Wednesday April 5th 2023 7:30pm-  Nature - title to be confirmed - Bob Brind-Surch.  Hall

Wednesday April 12th 2023 7:30pm- Print competition 3 - judged by Malcolm Sales. Hall  Entries in by 5th April

Wednesday April 19th 2023 7:30pm-  POTY judged by Jonathan Vaines. Hall  Entries in by 12th April

Wednesday April 26th 2023 7:30pm- Art of the concept photo - John Bermingham - I start with an overview of what I do and go through the ideas behind some and discuss and show my process. In the second half I show and discuss a series of

images titled "Think about the future", which formed the basis of my Associateship panel in 2019. There are also a few other bits and pieces along the way.  Hall Zoom

Wednesday May 3rd 2023 7:30pm-  Andrew Mills - title to be confirmed. Hall Zoom

Wednesday May 10th 2023 7:30pm-  Sands of Time-  James Kerwin.  Hall Zoom

Wednesday May 17th 2023 7:30pm-  Jeanette Lendon- Smart Phone Photography.  Hall Zoom

Wednesday 24th May 2023-  AGM. Hall

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