2022/2023 Season Results

Print Leagues

League 1
1st Graham Glegg
2nd Kevin Maxfield
3rd Pete Atkinson

League 2
1st Steve Coomes
2nd Brian Redshaw
3rd Sue Churchill

PDI Leagues

League 1

1st Pete Atkinson
2nd Graham Clegg
3rd Kevin Maxfield

League 2

1st Steve Coomes
2nd Glen Carney
3rd Brian Lawrence

Photographer Of The Year

1st  Pete Atkinson
2nd  Peter Lawrence
2nd David Dillow

3rd Steve Coomes
3rd Ken Bunch
Best Print Steve Coomes

PDI Themed

1st Kevin Maxfield
2nd Pete Atkinson
3rd Steve Coomes

HC Pete Atkinson
C Steve Coomes

Josephine Watt Print
1st Brian Redshaw
2nd John Roberts
3rd David Dilloway
HC Mike Grey
HC Tina Crawly
C John Roberts
C Brian Redshaw
C Mike Grey
C Miriam Knight