DCC Competition Results


The club entered this year's PAGB – GB CUP Nature & Open. This is a competition run by PAGB for clubs in Great Britain to enter pdi’s that are then judged by a panel of judges with max score being 15.

For the nature section we can enter 21 images, the top scoring 10 images are counted. The open section 15 images are entered and marks from all 15 images go towards the final scores. In the Open section they also run a small club section. We entered the main Open competition.

The results are :-


DCC were placed 25th out of 71 top clubs in Great Britain ( 2019 we were 41st out of 68 clubs that entered ) The results and images selected are below. Congratulations to two members images that received high marks of 13 out of 15 images below.


We were placed 34th out of 86 clubs that entered ( 2019 placed 54th out of 86 clubs that entered )

Congratulations to two of our members who scored 13 out of 15 for the images below.