DCC Competition Results


The LPA Print Battle final took place at Nettleham , Lincoln on Sunday 13th October 2019.

To reach the finals each club took part in three knockout rounds over the summer. The results of these battles are below:

It was decided that the top 8 clubs should go through to the Final. As can be seen, Deepings came top, winning all three knockout rounds.

Round 1 at Grimsby against Grimsby and Scunthorpe. Deepings won with 260 , Grimsby 259 and Scunthorpe 222.

Round 2 at Dunholme against Dunholme and Louth. Deepings won with 256, Dunholme 244 and Louth 237.

Round 3 at Deeping against Horncastle and Sleaford. Deepings won with 261, Sleaford 244 and Horncastle 228.

The 8 clubs through to the finals were ;-

Deepings, Dunholme, Grantham. Grimsby, Lincoln, NELPS, Pinchbeck and Sleaford.

The Judge was Erica Oram from Sheffield. We tied with Grimsby on 259 points, so went to a tie breaker image which Grimsby won. As can be seen, we only just beat Grimsby in the knockout round which showed it was close with them winning in the Final, so congratulations to Grimsby.

Final Scores were ;- 1st Grimsby 259 , 2nd Deepings 259 and 3rd Grantham 255. Below are Deepings entry:

Below are images selected, starting with images that scored 20 & 19 during the knockout rounds and final. Congratulations to the authors.