PDI Competitions

Advice For Projected Image( PI) Competitions
Sizing - Max Width 1920 pixels x Max Height 1080 pixels. Colorspace is sRGB

Image files will be named using the following convention (except for Panel Competition entries):
title, #, author and file extension. Example: “Blue Sky” by John Smith would look like this:- Blue Sky#John Smith.jpg

For Panel Competition entries, image files will be named using the following convention:
panel name, Pnumber-Snumber.jpg as follows. Example; Panel One of three images by Janet Davies would be: Janet DaviesP1-S1.jpg; Janet DaviesP1-S2.jpg; Janet DaviesP1-S3.jpg; Janet DaviesP1-S4.jpg. NB S1 is the layout slide, S2, S3 and S4 are the 3 images. Titles are best added in text on the layout slide or in the EXIF data.

Send images to:-pdi@deepingscamera.club