Internal Competition Rules (Revised 2023)

1. General

1.1. Only members who have paid their annual subscription will be eligible to enter Club Competitions.
1.2. The copyright to all components of a composite image must belong to the entrant. This means that AI computer generated or clip art images are not permitted.
1.3. If an entry does not conform to, or is felt not to be within the spirit of, the Competition Rules it will be rejected. However the Competition Secretary will make reasonable attempts to notify the author and invite re-submission if time permits. That said the onus is on the author to ensure the entry complies with the competition rules.
1.4. In the event of a dispute, an appeal may be made to the Committee whose decision is final.
1.5. Titles will be announced and may be taken into account in the judging.
1.6. Competition dates, including entry deadlines, shall be given in the Club Programme.
1.7. Images will be scored out of 20.
1.8. The judge’s decision is final.
1.9. Members shall be entitled to expect the Committee to take all reasonable steps to ensure best practice in the running of Club Competitions.
2. Prints
2.1. Prints must be mounted, the mount must not exceed 50cm x 40cm. Prints may be presented in either portrait or landscape format.
2.2. Entries must have the title of the print, the author’s name and Deepings Camera Club (in addition Panel entries will also have a sequence number) clearly written or printed on the reverse in the top left hand corner. Neither the front of the mount nor the image should display any information.
2.3. The Competition Secretary may retain submitted prints for consideration when selecting for external competitions. Authors can opt out of this if they wish by informing the Competition Secretary. Copyright remains with the author.
2.4. Every effort will be made to ensure that prints entered for competitions are returned in their original condition. The Club, the Committee or any other member acting on behalf of the Club shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss to any member’s work.
2.5 Authors of print  are requested to send a digital copy to the external competition secretary
3. Projected Images (PDIs)
3.1. Images must be in JPEG format and sRGB colorspace. They must also be no more than 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. The dpi setting is irrelevant.
3.2. Image files will be named using the following convention (except for Panel Competition entries):
title, #, author and file extension .jpg.
Example: “Blue Sky” by John Smith would look like this:-  Blue Sky#John Smith.jpg
For Panel Competition entries image files will be named using the following convention:
panel title,#,one digit sequence number, #title, #, author and file extension .jpg.
Example: “Tawny Owl” by John Smith for a panel called “Raptors”
with it being second in the panel would look like this:- Raptors#2#Tawny Owl#John Smith.jpg
3.3. The method of entry is via email to:
3.4. Images will be retained for possible use in external competitions and Club Website Galleries. Authors can opt out of this if they wish by informing the Competition Secretary. Copyright remains with the author.
4. League Competitions – Print and PDI
Single Tier System
The print and PDI league competitions will now be run as a single league system replacing the previous two league system..
4.1. The print league consists of three rounds and members can submit up to three images per round. A PDI of the print must be submitted as well as the print so this is available for entry into external competitions.The PDI league consists of three rounds and members can submit a maximum of two images per round.
4.2. In the event of a correctly submitted entry being omitted from a competition, that entry will be submitted into the next round of the competition and that score used as the score for the omitted competition. Should the round be the final one of the league, then the author will be given a score equal to the average score they had obtained in previous round competitions entered that season.
4.3. In all internal competitions images must not be entered if they are similar to ones previously submitted unless there is evidence of significant changes to the composition. Members are asked to accept the spirit of this rule which is designed to encourage the entry of as wide and diverse a range of images as possible. However any image that has scored less than 18 may be entered again (see the exceptions below). In these instances, members may choose to use a similar image if, for example they are taking a judge’s comment on board. Members may also enter altered/amended images that have been entered into the Josephine Watt competition or POTY subject to the rules of those competitions.Images or “same images” should not have been previously entered in any DCC Competition apart from the following exceptions:
4.4. An image scoring 18 or more may be used in the following season if it has been converted to mono from colour or vice versa.
4.5. Where an image has been previously entered and is allowed under rule 4.3, it is acceptable to have reprocessed the image (this may be of interest where the author wishes to use the feedback from the judge to enhance the image).
4.6. The highest two scores in each PRINT league round will contribute to the entrants final score.
5. Panel Competitions – Print and PDI
5.1. Members may submit two panels in each competition.
5.2. A panel shall consist of 4 or 5 images linked by a recognisable theme, of the author’s own choice.
5.3. No more than two of these images may have been used in previous DCC Competitions.
5.4. Different versions of the “same image” may be used.
5.5. Print panels will normally be individual prints. The first print must have a diagram on the reverse showing the desired layout of the panel.
5.6. Alternatively an entry may have all images on one mount provided that the mount size does not exceed 40cm x 50cm.
5.7. PDI panels should be individual images followed by an additional image showing the layout of the panel.
5.8. For Panel Competition entries image files will be named using the following convention:
 The first image of first panel is Authors name P1-S1.jpg, The second image is Authors name P1-S2.jpg

6. Photographer of the Year (POTY) – Print Only
6.1. The aim of this competition is to encourage members to diversify and tackle a range of new subjects. It is also an opportunity for club members to see a range of new work.
6.2. Members can submit one entry, which will consist of four prints, one print from any four of the seven categories set out below.
6.3. Images should not have been previously entered in any Deepings Camera Club Competition or the annual exhibition but may have been entered into external exhibitions, such as LPA, EAF, National Salons etc.
6.4. The categories are:

  • Nature – animals, birds, plants and insects. The subjects may be either in the wild or in captive/structured situations.
  • People – this may be formal, informal candid portraits, figure studies or show people engaged in an activity. People must form the main subject of the print.
  • Landscape – as well as landscapes this may include a seascapes and cityscapes.
  • Sport/Action – this should convey a sense of movement.
  • Record/Still Life – the author should demonstrate some good technical expertise.
  • Creative/Digital Manipulation – the author should show an artistic use of the digital medium.
  • Monochrome – as well as black and white images, the addition of a single tone over the entire image is eligible. One modified by toning part of the image or colour popping is not allowed.

6.5. Only a single print depicting a sporting image may be entered into the competition.
6.6 The author with the highest cumulative score will be the winner. In the event of a tie the Judge will be asked to choose an overall winner.
6.7. The Judge will also award one image as “Best Image”
7. Themed Competition – PDI Only
7.1. The Themed Competition is a stand-alone competition with all entries linked to the theme announced for the competition.
7.2. Member can submit up to two images for this competition.
7.3. The Theme will be decided by the Committee and announced at the previous year’s AGM. This will also be stated in the Club’s Programme.
7.4. Images should not have been previously entered in any Deepings Camera Club Competition or the annual exhibition but may have been entered into external exhibitions, such as LPA, EAF, National Salons etc.
8. Josephine Watt Memorial Trophy – Print and PDI
8.1. This competition is intended to encourage less experienced members for novice and non-experienced members.

8.2. Eligible members may enter up to three PDI images.
8.3. While the competition aims to encourage new work, images that have scored less than 18 in previous league round competitions are eligible for this event.
Members can use all images entered into Josephine Watt Memorial Trophy – Print and PDI in any other competitions, even if images score 18 and above.
Graham Clegg - or Steve Coomes –

9. AV Competition
9.1. Authors may enter up to 3 sequences. Sequences should be saved in .EXE or mp4 format with a running time of no more than 9 minutes in total.
9.2. Entries ideally will be emailed to  although they can be brought on the night (saved on either a CD or a memory stick).
9.3. This evening is an informal event with the emphasis on sharing ideas and entertainment. Every few years there will be an impartial advisor who is experienced in AV work.
10. Annual Exhibition – Print Only
10.1. Members may submit up to 8 prints, although this may be reduced depending on the number of entries.
10.2. Images should not have been entered in previous Annual Exhibitions.
10.3. The public are invited to vote for their favourite images, three points are awarded to their first choice, two points to their second choice and one point to their third choice. The winner is the image with the most points awarded.

Revised 17/09/2023